A titanium frame, like an evidence...

We wanted OBVIOUS bikes to be innovative, high-performance and elegant. We wanted to define every detail of their frame geometry. We wanted to push the sensations a little further on paths and tracks. Designing a titanium frame was obvious to create a bike that met our requirements and your expectations.

Titanium - which qualities on a bike ?

Titanium, unrivalled properties

As a manufacturer of titanium bicycles, we use Grade 9, also said Ti3AI2.5V titanium, which provides a stiff and precise titanium frame.

It has its own elastic behaviour and superior damping characteristics to other metals.

These qualities enable us to create light frames, while retaining an incredible steering feel and support for your pedalling.

Titanium, a unfailing strength

Titanium has unrivalled properties for cycling. It is one of the metals with the best strength/density ratio.

In practical terms, less material is used to obtain the same strength.

This alloy is widely used in the aerospace industry for applications where strength and stiffness are required but where weight is a critical factor.

In these applications, steel would be too heavy and aluminium too weak.

Titanium provides the perfect balance between weight and mechanical properties.

Titanium, the choice for durability

At first glance, the price of a titanium bike may seem daunting.

But the lifespan of a titanium frame is actually a very good investment.

Titanium also stands out for its durability: it is more resistant to fatigue, corrosion, impacts and falls than carbon, for example.

So the choice between a titanium or carbon bike is obvious for OBVIOUS. We use this material for :

Creating a custom bike and titanium frame

Titanium offers the possibility of shaping and customising bikes to suit every rider. At OBVIOUS, you can order complete bikes or titanium frame kits. We can also customise our models according to your wishes, your needs and your own style to create the made-to-measure titanium bike of your dreams! !

So far, you've been cycling...
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