Our Ambassadors use and test our bikes in a wide variety of practices and conditions, and we're proud to be at their side in the Obvious adventure.
We have chosen to place our trust in them and to support them in their sporting projects, because each of them, through the way they cycle, represents a part of our customers who in turn place their trust in us.
With a desire to create exclusive products and a mission to bring you even greater pleasure in cycling, we are moving forward together to create the very best for you.



Climber, traveller

Didier is a jack-of-all-trades. His playground is the outdoors and his favourite dimension is the vertical.
A keen climber, he divides his time between the Ardèche Plateau and the Natural Park of Pilat, sometimes making the journey by bike, carrying his climbing gear. A keen cyclist, he travels the length and breadth of France on his own.

At Obvious, we often count on him to come and talk to you about his experiences and tell you about his travels.

His bike



Mountainbiker, rock blaster

Fred's thing is finding the perfect move. He's always on the lookout for an insurmountable spot and can spend all day on it with his mates.
He's also a gear nut. He runs the Bleau Up channel on Youtube.
As an exclusive full-suspension bike rider, we had him try out the hardtail /OFF and he finally decided to buy one.

At Obvious, we trust him to talk to his large community of followers about our products. And it's a pure pleasure to talk to him about the equipment!

His bike

Bleau Up on YT

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