At OBVIOUS, we are designer, brand manager and engineer. But we are not web designers !

To introduce this web site to you, we called on professionals. The APE.comteam, based in Lyon (France), offered us a site and a store designed on major content management platforms.

Thomas MATERA, director of our project at, was a webmaster in professional sport for 10 years, notably for Sébastien LOEB. His expertise in communication and our knowledge of the cycle allow us to have this site of which we are so proud. He is also the director of a company whose purpose is to reveal talents, develop skills and learn to exploit one's emotions... This last point made him the right man to manage our brand manager !


The site and the store are interconnected so that the transition from one to the other is transparent for our readers.

In addition to finished bikes and frame kits, you will also find our carbon wheels and soon our textile range on the site. On a more or less regular basis, we add articles like this to the blog on topics related to cycling and the brand. Feel free to add the blog link to your favorites.

We also explain why we work exclusively with titanium. This is particularly important to us, because thanks to h this material the OBVIOUS project takes on its full meaning: quality of use, freedom of design, made-to-measure, durability, aesthetics of the finished product.

Finally, the shop lets you find and order our products. You can even pay in instalments, free of charge. If you are interested in a made-to-measure bike, with our OBVIOUS On Demand programme, or simply curious to see what this programme can do for you, contact us using the form or by e-mail.

Thank you for your visit!