That's it! /OFF is now available in its new version, resolutely dedicated to Enduro.


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This new titanium bike is compatible with T-Type derailleurs.

This device allows direct mounting of SRAM's new-generation derailleurs. As these derailleurs have no wired controls, we have removed the cable routing, which has become unnecessary.

The T-Type derailleur is mounted on the rear wheel axle on either side of the frame dropout.

This construction is a robust, integrated solution that simplifies and strengthens the entire system. With no derailleur hanger or adjustment screws, shifting is precise and durable, even at full power.

The new /OFF retains the same geometry as the previous model and is fitted with a Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate 150.

With an increase in travel from 140 to 150 mm, it offers even greater stability at high speeds without losing any of the handling for which it is renowned, thanks to the shorter reach brought about by the fork change.

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The cranks of the complete bike have been shortened to make them easier to cross and pedal. The gearbox can then remain low enough to feel comfortable at high speeds.

Les manivelles sont équipées de protège-chaîne.

Any adaptation to the length of the cranks or other components can also be made on request. Contact us.

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The new titanium /OFF is still mounted on OBVIOUS /OFF wheels with 30mm wide carbon rims, DT 350SP hubs and Sapim D-light spokes. We've also renewed our trust in One Up for its new V3 telescopic stem, Schwalbe for its tyres and Truvativ for its cockpit.


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For those who will be making their own assembly from a /OFF frame kit and would like to use a conventional derailleur, it is also possible to fit a UDH derailleur hanger. Finally, on request,we can reintegrate a cable routing.

UDH universal derailleur hanger

Cette patte se monte sur les cadres T-Type pour l'utilisation des derailleurs classiques (comme les dérailleurs SRAM VTT antérieurs à 2023 ou les dérailleurs Shimano actuels)

Its robust design ensures a high degree of rigidity, which improves the quality of gear shifting and the permanence of chain alignment.

It protects the derailleur from chain jams and impacts by pivoting backwards.

Finally, if you do manage to break it, it can easily be replaced with the commonly used BTR spanners found on your multi-tool. Now standard on most mountain bikes, it's easy to find in your local shop.