The hardtail Enduro bike is an Enduro bike without rear suspension !

Far from being an old-fashioned MTB, we designed it as a mountain bike in line with current uses, fast on the most difficult routes, particularly on loose and stony terrain. It features modern geometry with a long front wheelbase, open steering, resolutely central mass distribution to promote stability and precision when speed increases and the ground becomes "rough" !

So of course, there are not the benefits of suspension (contact with the ground, cushioning), but when going downhill its hardtail frame makes it playful and accentuates the sensations, inviting you to work on your attitude on the bike, while suppleness. Titanium adds its part to the comfort and behavior of the bike. The components also have their role:

  • The tires chosen on the complete bike are made for enduro and their reinforced carcass limits inflation (we recommend 1.2 to 1.3 bar for a 75 kg rider), which improves cushioning, grip on the ground and also pedaling traction. The wide rims (30 mm internal) of the /OFF wheels amplify their section in order to increase these qualities.
  • We propose the complet bike with a high-end fork with 140mm of travel. This is quite low for enduro, but by this choice, we balance the front and rear in order to avoid excessive sagging which could cause the rider to be projected forward and ultimately fall. Frame geometry is recommended for 140 to 160 mm.

It's another way of providing sensations of mountain biking. It’s also a complementary approach if you ride “full-suspended”. And above all, its particular character does not limit it to smooth trails, quite the contrary! Bumps, rocks and pebbles!

Let's not forget that you roughly save a kilogram and a little adjustment and maintenance time.