We were contacted in January by URG+ , a group of doctors who have come together to provide an unscheduled care service, 7 days a week, in 9 centres located in fairly isolated areas of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

They told us about their plans to promote their work and raise awareness among local authorities and the general public of the problem of medical depopulation. To do this, some of the doctors will be cycling to the 9 URG+ centres between 13 and 17 May.

Their goal : to get rid of medical deserts by looking at the initiatives and players who are taking action to find solutions. Highlight unscheduled care centres and the role they play in these deserts.

Sensitive to their cause, and, like many people, affected by medical desertification, we have chosen to support the URG+ Tour 2024. We are making 3 bikes available and will be present at the finish centres of the stages.

This 5-day tour will take us from Renaison to Le Coteau via Pérignat-lès-Sarliève, Le Lioran, Andrézieux Bouthéon, Saint Etienne de Saint-Geoirs and Lac de Paladru. It's an 800 km tour of the roads of our region, with no less than 11,000 m of D+, during which Pierre, Stéphane, Philippe, El Ayech and Pierre Henri, all doctors associated with URG+, and all those who want to join them, will be able to ride, but also share, discuss and exchange ideas on the theme of medical desertification and imagine the future.

Join them for the whole route, for a few kilometres or at the finish sites with your energy, your ideas, your initiatives and your good humour. Their aim is to collect and share the ideas and solutions that the regions have shown them.

We would like to thank URG+ for giving us the opportunity to support them and to showcase our brand and expertise to participants and guests. It will also be a great opportunity for us to test the gravel titanium ON/OFF on one of its many terrains, the road !