The handlebar on a gravel bike is similar to those on a road bike, but because it is used for different purposes, there are a few differences. OBVIOUS tips for your gravel handlebar !


When you're riding your gravel bike, you've probably come across hikers asking you if it's really practical to venture out on the trails with a road bike. These handlebars are a real visual marker for road bikes.

If you quickly explain that it's just like a road bike with big tyres, you'll get the message across !

But that's not all. Your position, the developments, the mechanical behaviour of the frame... Everything has been designed for gravel.


Even the bar


This article doesn't cover drop, flare, reach, backsweep or material. Other articles cover this very well. Its purpose is to consider the use we make of our ON/OFF titanium gravel bike and to determine the handlebars best suited to that use.


The OBVIOUS gravel titanium ON/OFF is fitted as standard with the Gravel 100 model from Deda Elementi, the famous Italian brand of bicycle components. Its shape has been designed with gravel in mind, but depending on how you approach gravel, there may be a better choice.


What should you look for when choosing handlebars ?

The handlebar of a road bike is often geared towards speed, for tucking in your elbows and riding in a peloton. On a gravel bike, aerodynamics are less important (tyre studs, looser clothing, etc.) and you're no longer squeezed into a group. In addition to speed and aerodynamics, you'll need to consider comfort and handling on rougher terrain, as well as visibility so you can see obstacles and enjoy the countryside.


Between all these considerations, you need to ask yourself questions about your riding and know what kind of balance you need.

  • You want to ride as fast as possible, go for short rides or races? Focus on aerodynamics. Handlebars with narrow width, small opening, low position, projected forward . Our titanium gravel bike ON/OFF, in its standard version, is designed for short, day-long rides. We chose the Gravel 100 because it's not very opened and its depth is close to that of a road bike.
  • Is your favourite playground made up of rough trails? Choose control and stability with a fairly wide, shallow and very openedhandlebar, high enoughpositioned. Our choice goes to Deda Gera Aluminium model. Its shallow depth gives you a position that doesn't project too far forward, and its wide opening ensures excellent control of the bike. As an added bonus, its slightly forward grip at the top of the handlebars will give you a more aerodynamic, with tucked in elbows, position on rolling sections.
  • You are a bikepacker? The handlebar should have several confortable hand positions, and be wide enough to accommodate a front bag. We recommend a position that's not too high, moderately deep, and an handlebar not too opened. The SuperZero Gravel handlebars seem to us to be very appropriate but it's up to you to choose, because nobody else travels like you!
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For any other choice, please do not hesitate to discuss it with us.